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We are a family run business with a wealth of experience in customer service, logistical know-how and a passion to succeed.

Ultimate Topsoil is striving to become a leading supplier of quality top soil, compost, blended soils and various barks. We supply a simple concise range of popular landscaping materials which have been developed and refined over a number of years. Our parent company has spent the last 20 years sourcing and distributing these products under its own name and as such has sold in excess of 40,000 tonnes in that time. 

All of the soils we sell are naturally created, and it’s unfortunate that they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is our job to have them screened, bagged and moved to a new home where they will start working for you in your garden.  


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Exceptional Customer Service

Combining reliable delivery with exceptional customer service along with our remarkable products has been the key to our success and popularity over the last 20 years. Originally established to serve the professional landscaping industry, the growing increase in demand from the domestic sector has shown us that 2020 was the right time to give the Topsoil side of the business its own identity, as such Ultimate Topsoil was born.  

Over the last 20 years, the success of the business has been based on our core values, such as honesty, trust, reliability and a huge desire to exceed customer expectations at all times through remarkable customer service. With Ultimate Topsoil being run in exactly the same way, we envisage the business to grow through word of mouth, social media and an overwhelming number of customer testimonials. 


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