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Our Blog: Topsoil in winter

Topsoil in winter


Wintertime is the best time to start keeping your grass at its lush green state.

You are back inside and not enjoying your garden because the weather has changed. In this time, you are neglecting your garden with maintenance. Using topsoil through these months can help your lawn keep to its best throughout the winter and give it a great start when springtime comes back around.  
Many people don’t realise the benefits that the use of Topsoil can bring and using it may appear to be a somewhat arduous activity, but in fact the application is easy and can produce great results.

Having good soil is a significant part of keeping a healthy and fruitful garden. Topsoil is important as they contain the nutrients required to help your garden thrive, balance the planting environment and promote good drainage during the wetter months.  
You should be looking at adding Topsoil to your garden each year in order to make up for the nutrients that are lost as a result of being absorbed by plants, especially in fruit and vegetable patches.

Tips and Points

Topsoiling your lawn is easy with these simple steps. You will need to have a rake, garden fork and some topsoil. 
1.     Before putting the topsoil down, you will need to tackle areas with thatch and moss. Remove all thatch and moss before going to the next step. These can prevent sunlight and nutrients getting the turf. You can use a rake for this step. 
2.     Use the rake a remove all debris. 
3.     Next is to improve the drainage. Pick up your garden fork and go around your garden sticking the fork into the soil the whole way and moving it back and forth to allow water and air to get through. This should be done every 10 cm of your garden. 
4.     Now it's time to add your topsoil to your lawn. Evenly spread your topsoil throughout your garden and use the rake to help spread the topsoil evenly through the garden. 
5.     Water through the topsoil, helping the soil get into all them places.

Easy as that! Now your garden has got a fresh layer of topsoil and all the nutrients it needs to survive, and a head start to springtime.


We stock a fantastic range of Topsoil and other soil products here at Ultimate Topsoil which is sourced from our carefully selected supplier, a family run business in Norfolk. They have been running for more than 40 years and are committed to manufacturing high quality products and are always looking to improve their techniques.

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