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Lawn Dressing

A high quality, sand based, multi-purpose dressing, designed for use on lawns. Lawn dressing is a blend of 90% medium and coarse sand with 10% Ultimate Top Soil. Lawn Dressing’s combination of specialist sand and soil is ideal for lawn maintenance and construction.

The medium to coarse sand within the blend will help open up the structure of the exisiting soil. The Top soil within the blend supplies nutrients to aid recovery and growth of the grass.

For the best reults we recommend that Lawn Dressing is applied post aeration and seeding. This will help to get the top dressing into the soil profile and protect the seed and help grass establishment. 

It is disease-free and contains no pesticide contamination. Typically the texture is sand.

Ulimate Lawn Dressing is analysed to the newly revised British Standard for topsoil BS 3882 : 201

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