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As a company we have been delivering our products for twenty years, for any logistics firm that is a lot of experience and a lot of lessons learnt. We take great pride in our delivery service, from the initial communication with the office to our driver confirming your eta and safely and successfully setting down your products. We always aim to hit an advised two hour delivery time slot, and do so for 99% of our deliveries (unfortunately we don’t control the weather or the roads). If any holds up have taken place, you will be contacted and kept advised of revised times.

In order to make your delivery as smooth as possible please take some time to read these points, it may just alert you, or us to a potential problem that would be great to avoid.

Delivery Flow

Once your order is placed relax you’re in safe hands, we will take care of the rest. Your order will be processed and allocated a delivery slot. We will call you, or if more applicable send you a text message on the afternoon prior to the delivery. This will confirm the order and advise you of a two hour window for your delivery.

Delivery Times

Our deliveries are made Monday to Friday, with deliveries scheduled between 07:00 and 17:00. We will always try to offer you what you want but at peak times of the year we may request a little flexibility in order to accommodate everyone's requirements, (as every one of our customers would like their delivery at 8am in the morning). If you require products for an early start, then please consider taking a delivery the afternoon before. This insures you have what you need but frees up our vehicles for the peak hours of the day. The way the business operates, fresh turf arrives in our yards from 12 noon onwards for delivery that afternoon and for the following morning, so the turf age will be exactly the same, even if it was delivered at 4pm the day before you wanted it.

In need of assistance?

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The Lorries from which deliveries are made are eight wheel curtain sided vehicles (comparable size - slightly larger than a dust cart), they all carry fork lift trucks to off load. Our drivers are all skilled operatives of the vehicles they use. However if they decide that what is requested is unachievable or unsafe then the company will support them in declining such a request. Please be sure to point out any potential hazards such as low hanging cables or concealed drain covers (a two tonne forklift can make quite a mess of one of those). The fork lifts are multi terrain vehicles but do have their limitations, so again please be guided by the driver.

The delivery service should not be confused with a Hiab delivery, we cannot therefore deliver bags over high fences and high walls. However, we can lift the bags over small walls or raised beds using our forklifts and hold the bags in the air so you can cut the bottom out of the bag, this would allow the material to be placed just where you want it and saves you digging it out of the bag, (if that is what you want).

Fork lift size for access purposes; Width 260cm with a height of 230cm.

Our Lorries

The Lorries are designed for the job they do and are driven by highly skilled drivers. However, it is often the case that on arrival to a delivery a driver maybe presented with all sort of issues and hazards, this maybe lack of parking, tight access, lack of a turning circle or exit and close proximity to a school. By advising us of any such situation at the point of order we can devise a strategy before we arrive, often averting disruption to any neighbours, and making sure your delivery is completed successfully.

Not going to be in for your delivery?

If you cannot be home to accept a delivery, don’t worry. Leave any relevant instructions with the sales team when you place your order. They will add your instructions to the driver’s delivery notes, and he will endeavour to carry these out as instructed. You may wish to leave a tarpaulin on a drive way to mark a desired drop off point, (or even a wheel barrow or a bin etc..) If rain is forecast please cover the bagged products to keep them dry, but never cover turf (as it increases the temperature and therefore reduces the shelf like considerably.

Refusing a delivery

Once a delivery is scheduled for you, we have allocated space on a lorry and time from the working day. Therefore, late cancellations are unwelcome. We will however always endeavour to help, we understand that sometimes things are just out of your control. For changes to a delivery time we would request at least 48 hours notice. In the case of products being ordered especially for you, any cancellation may result in a penalty charge being applied.

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