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Sterilised Dressing

A fine free flowing dressing made up with 70% silica sand and 30% 3mm screened sandy soil, to produce a dry free flowing dressing ideally suited for golf, bowling greens or formal lawns. The product is delivered in a sealed bulk bag to keep the elements out and has undergone a heat treatment cycle to destroy any unwanted weed seeds. 

For the best results we recommend that Ultimate Sterilised Turf Dressing is applied post aeration and seeding. This will help to get the top dressing into the soil profile and protect the seed and help grass establishment. 

It is disease-free, weed free  and contains no pesticide contamination. Typically the texture is sand.

Ultimate Sterilised Turf Dressing is analysed to the newly revised British Standard for topsoil BS 3882 : 201

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Ultimate Topsoil sources one of the best natural Sterilised Turf Dressings in the Country, we have it screened to 3 mm, bagged and delivered to our yards in Olney and St Albans for distribution. Our Logo shows “you’re in safe hands”, because you certainly are. Our parent company has spent the last 20 years sourcing and distributing these products under its own name and as such has sold in excess of 40,000 tonnes in that time. 

The Lawn Dressing is sourced in Northamptonshire, where the land has previously been growing crops and vegetables.  However, with the Turf Dressing only a small amount of soil is required as 70% of the product is made from Silica sand and blended with the 3mm screened sandy soil. This produces a dry free flowing dressing ideally suited for golf, bowling greens or formal lawns.  

The Turf Dressing has undergone a Heat treatment cycle, so it will not contain any weed seeds. This is extremely important when dressing such prestigious areas. The Sterilised Turf Dressing does also come in a sealed bag, so the bulk bag has an inner lining to keep the product completely dry and ready for use even if stored for a few weeks, so when we say “you’re in safe hands” we really mean it. 

With Ultimate Topsoil, the product is only half the story, we feel the delivery of that product is just as important. Using our knowledge, we believe we have the formula that makes for an experience where you feel looked after from the moment you enquire about our products, through to taking delivery and beyond that with our aftercare service. We treat every job as if it is our own project and we want to help you as much as possible, giving you a nominated dispatch day and a time slot for your delivery.

We also deliver our products with lorry mounted forklift trucks, this way we are able to place the bags exactly (within reason) where you want them to be. This means gravel drives, long narrow tracks and putting the bags around the back of the house is not a problem. The only limitation is the width of the track, the forklift trucks are 2.6 metres wide and weigh two and a half tonnes empty.  They are all terrain trucks and will go nearly anywhere (subject to customer agreement). High fences unfortunately cause a few problems as we can’t lift over them. 

We as a company endeavour to try and make your life as easy as possible, and if you would like the bags to be split so the sterilised lawn dressing is left in a pile or dotted around a certain area we will accommodate all we can as long as access is good, you have a sharp knife.

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