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Topsoil Cambridge


Prime Grade Topsoil Delivered Throughout Cambridge

If you’re looking for the most pristine topsoil in Cambridge, then look no further than Ultimate Topsoil. We provide the finest quality topsoil delivered fresh to your door – making it the ideal solution for your landscaping or garden project. We have been delivering our prime range of topsoil products in and around the Cambridgeshire area for many years for many different quantities and purposes. So… no matter how large or small your requirements are, you can rest assured that we have you covered! 
One of the many things that makes us unique here at Ultimate Topsoil is that we stay at the very edge of the latest technologies. We always strive for perfection, aiming to over deliver on our products and service. A huge part of our operation is our 15,000 sq/ft facility where our topsoil is housed, sterilised and then bagged for transit. Our facility is then divided into 15 bays; each bay can hold 300 tonnes of soil and dressing – and is the ultimate facility to house our topsoil. We also have our own fleet of lorries, which ensures that we are in complete control of our logistics. Meaning that when you place an order with us, the topsoil will arrive exactly where you want it, and in the finest condition for your purpose. 

To speak to one of our advisors, call the team today on 01234 819 534, or use our price calculator below to get an immediate quote. 


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Why Choose us for Your Topsoil requirements in Cambridge

Quality products and customer service is at the heart of what we do here at Ultimate Topsoil. We wanted to bring real quality topsoil to the market, along with a high degree of customer service, and for over 20 years, we’ve been doing exactly this….
We are a family business that combines years of knowledge and experience 
We have our own fleet of lorries ensuring that we’re in complete control of all logistics
Our parent company has sold over 40,000 tonnes of topsoil within the last 20 years
All our soils are completely organically grown and cultivated and tested regularly by an independent regulator
Prompt delivery is available throughout Cambridge and Cambridgeshire 
We serve Cambridge and Cambridgeshire regions and promise a prompt and effective delivery, anywhere. Simply call is today on 01234 819 534 for any queries you may have on Topsoil. 

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Did You Know These Fun Facts about Cambridge….? 

… that as well as being steeped in history and prestige, that Cambridge University has more Nobel Prize Awards then any other educational institution? Well, below are some more surprising facts about Cambridge that you may not have known!
The first ever game of Football / Soccer was actually played in Cambridge in 1848! 
Cambridge University has well over 100 Libraries holding over 29 million books! 
Approx 25% of residents in Cambridge cycle to work – which is the highest in England! 
Pink Floyd – one of the worlds most infamous rock bands, were actually formed in Cambridge! 
In recent times, Cambridge has actually been dubbed the ‘tech hub’ with a whole host of tech / gaming firms heading up their headquarters in the region! 
Cambridge is also at the heart of British agriculture – making it desirable and ideally suited to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. 





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All of our Topsoil products are provided in a fully functioning and heavy-duty bag, which ensures that the product has enough depth to cover for your requirements. And as we store and house all our topsoil in our very own large facility, you can be rest assured that the Topsoil delivered to you will be dry and ready for your immediate use. 

As well as Topsoil, we also provide a wide range of other landscaping related products such as Bark & Mulches, Soil Conditioners, Lawn Dressing, Turf, Sleepers and Grass Seed throughout the region of Cambridge and surrounding areas.

Call us today on to discuss your requirements, and for any questions or queries you may have. 



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