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Soil Conditioners

Our Ultimate Soil Conditioner is a PAS 100 certified peat-free compost produced using modern and efficient machinery to ensure consisitency of product. The nature of the composted products work extremley well to improve nutrient supply and to improve the existing soils drainage and organic matter content to soil easier to work with.

Ultimate Soil Conditioner is very rich in organic matter and will be well suited to growing plants or vegetables once it has been thoroughly mixed in via digging or rotavating into the surrounding soil. And is the ideal product to use on larger areas where the cost of removing the existing soil and replacing it with a bespoke product such as the Horticultural Loam is price inhibitive.

Due to the stringent, fully-audited standards rigourously maintained throughout our supply chain, Ulimate Soil Conditioner has a dependable quality assured by regular independent analysis. As such the product is certified by NSF – CMI Limited to PAS 100 2011 and the Quality Compost Protocol 2007

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