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Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Gardens are becoming increasingly popular, straight from pot to plate. You don’t need to be an experienced gardener, many people in fact have little to no experience at all when first starting their vegetable patches. A nutrient rich area that gets lots of sun is a great place to start.

The ideal soil holds lots of nutrients retaining water sufficiently whilst offering good drainage. Our Ultimate Raised Bed Mix is a blend of our Ultimate Topsoil and peat-free compost. This product provides a high quality, growing medium to kick start plant development, aid moisture retention and to make the soil easier to work with. The texture is typically a Sandy Loam. If the budget can stretch to it, our Horticultural Loam, has some special qualities to aid drainage that will create the optimum growing medium for vegetable planting projects.

For those larger patches Ultimate Soil Conditioner is very rich in organic matter and will be well suited to growing plants or vegetables once it has been thoroughly mixed in via digging or rotavating into the surrounding soil making the most of what’s already there by enriching it with nutrients and boosting drainage in clay soils and moisture retention in a sandier soil.

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