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Having a good lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing but also known for improving air quality by purifying the air, no wonder that around 20% of the earth's vegetation is made up of grass. One of the most essential tasks to a long living lawn is most certainly the ground preparations.

If you're finding your current soil condition is not fit for use, our Ultimate Soil is a clay loam-based product that is nutrient-rich and extremely good at building up levels in the garden. Alternatively, if you're looking for a couple of inches of good quality bedding for your turf our Ultimate Topsoil has a high sand content finely screen to 10mm or less, meaning all larger stones are screened out leaving a great base for your lawn roots to grow into.  
One of the most challenging tasks with turf is managing to transplant it from the field to your garden and keep it in perfect condition, our turf suppliers strive to provide the highest standard of turf in the United Kingdom. Our turf contains a mixture of top-rated perennial ryegrasses and fescues in its seed composition. This mixture allows for an excellent shoot density, a strong winter colour and superb immunity to disease once the lawn has established

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