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Topsoil Kettering


Premium Topsoil in Kettering, Delivered Fast and Ready for Purpose!

The finest quality topsoil available from Ultimate Topsoil for your project in Kettering. Here at Ultimate Topsoil, we supply the very best grade of topsoil for your desired project. Whether you’re looking for soil for your garden or a landscaping project, our choice of topsoil, compost and conditioners are amongst the very best in the market. Our products will help and nurture your lawn, vegetable patch, flower bed and more, and add a touch of quality and vibrance you’re looking for. Our topsoil is packed full of key nutrients that will promote healthy plant and vegetable growth. 
Our topsoil is BS3882:2015 compliant with absolutely no contaminated waste, glass, building material residue or invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed — which is listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world's worst invasive species…. So, you’ll be guaranteed a truly organic product that will be perfect for your requirements.  
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All-Purpose Topsoil for Your Requirements in Kettering

From our local base, we have been providing Topsoil in and around the Kettering area for many years and have had the privilege to provide help our customers with their requirements, no matter what the quantity. Our range includes - soil, topsoil, raised bed mix, horticultural loam and ericaceous soil.

As can be seen, we provide a wide range of soil. And every type of soil we supply undergoes a rigorous series of strict tests to ensure that the PH, fertility and textural classification is fit for purpose – and this is what makes our topsoil unique in that it is quality personified. Any provider can put together soil in a bag, but we provide the finest quality products consistently day in, day out. We ensure your topsoil in Kettering is dry and ready for use – so you can rest assured that when you’re using our premium topsoil, your objective will be well catered for. 



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A Few Fun Facts about Kettering…! 

Here at Ultimate Topsoil, we have been up and down the area of Kettering delivering our products to all parts of the region… and we are pretty familiar with it… however, we’d thought we’d share some fun fact with you about the region, which you may not have known!
Did you know that Wicksteed Park is the oldest amusement ground in England? Founded in 1920, the park attracts in excess of 5 million visitors a year! 
Did you know that the town’s football team were the first to have sponsors logo’s on their jersey’s? Kettering town defied all regulations in the 1970’s to show Kettering Tyres as their sponsor… eventually this had to be taken down due to the rules at the time. Some say that Kettering Town is where the idea of shirt sponsors was born! 
The famous author, JL Carr spent most of his adult life in Kettering! 
The town wasn’t always referred to as Kettering! It underwent many name changes before settlers finally agreed on its current name
Football manager Sean Dyche was actually born and raised in Kettering! 





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If you have any questions on our topsoil, or any other product we provide, be sure to call us today and speak to our team of experts, who will be happy to guide you accordingly. No matter where you are based in Kettering, we can provide fast and efficient delivery with our own in-house couriers. We do not work with any other providers when it comes to delivery – we have our own fleet of lorries. And this ensures that your soil will arrive when and where you want it. 


If you’d like to learn more about us or wish to talk to us about your gardening or landscaping needs, please call us today on 01234 819 534. Alternatively, please send us a message, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. 


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